DVR ads still making an impression

I have to admit, there are some TV commercials that I absolutely love; the “I’m a mac and I’m a PC” ad, the Comcast commercials with the Slowsky’s, various Geico ads with that famous gecko and the cavemen commercials which come complete with their own website called The Caveman’s Crib. But will I pay attention to them when I’m watching a show I recorded on my DVR? Studies say yes. So for all you ad agencies and companies creating and paying for these brilliant (and not so brilliant) advertisements fear not.

There are three things that happen when viewers are watching their favorite show on DVR; they are either skipping the commercials, scanning them or actually viewing them. Though it may seem a waste of time and money for advertisers when viewers are scanning and skipping, a recent study shows that logos and brand images are still being viewed and later referenced by consumers.

A study from researchers at Boston College found that even when DVR viewers fast forward through the commercials, the information displayed still creates brand memory despite losing sound and dropped frames. According to eMarketer’s article entitled, DVR Ad Skippers Retain Brand Memory, researchers tracked eye movements while viewers scanned through ads and found that branding info placed in the center of the screen was still effective.

This is good news for consumers as networks and cable companies debate whether viewers should or should not be allowed to fast-forward through the ads on their DVR (ABC wants to kill ad-skipping). Consumers like to be in control of the information they receive. Besides, it might just put the pressure on ad agencies and companies to come up with more creative and entertaining ads.

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