Yes, and…

With this economic downturn, businesses are tightening their budgets and marketers are required to do more with less money. This may be a daunting task for some, but for others, this is an opportunity to really get creative.

I read an article this morning by Sage Lewis called I love Crazy Link Ideas which suggested that this is the time to really put your best foot forward and “think outside of the box” (I know, that’s so cliché) to better market your brand. Lewis suggests writing down the craziest ideas you can come up with and offers some suggestions of his own. It’s funny because as you read his suggestions, the first few are outrageous but as you read further these ideas seem to spark some realistic ones.

This reminds me of a team-building game I facilitated at a previous job. It is called Yes, And…The object of the game is for someone to throw out the craziest idea they can think of and the next person is to only add to the idea no matter how outrageous it is by saying “yes, and…”. As you can imagine, the first few ideas are usually just plain ridiculous but as you go on down the line and people start adding to it, innovation begins to emerge.

So, in your quest to do more with less, embrace this opportunity to really shine. Use some of these exercises to brainstorm some viral marketing opportunities, linking strategies, events, etc. There are so many opportunities that cost little to no money. They do however, take some time and a little creativity. Have fun with it and see what happens. After all you have nothing to lose.

Good luck!

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